State v. Hall

New Hampshire Supreme Court. The defendant was convicted of murdering his mother. The state Supreme Court reversed the defendant’s murder conviction and granted his request for a new trial. View...

State v. Masucci - Reversing the defendant’s conviction for DWI

New Hampshire Supreme Court. Unpublished 3JX opinion reversing the defendant’s conviction for DWI.

State v. Heirtzler

New Hampshire Supreme Court. The defendant, a Londonderry NH High School student was charged with drug possession. The Supreme held that the student’s questioning and search by a school official...

In Re Erik M.

New Hampshire Supreme Court. Reversing a lower court’s decision to certify a juvenile as an adult in a case where the juvenile was charged with negligent homicide (DWI). View case

State v. Ayotte

New Hampshire Supreme Court. Reversing the defendant’s arson conviction. View case

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