Not Guilty Verdicts in Manslaugher and Riot Case

September 8, 2017

Following a 2 weeks trial, a jury found a Samdperil & Welsh client not guilty of Manslaughter and Felony Riot charges.  The case stemmed from an incident at a bar in Rochester, New Hampshire and was tried in the Strafford County Superior Court in Dover.  After hearing from eye-witnesses, police detectives, and expert witnesses in the area of forensic pathology, the jury found the client not guilty of the two charges he was indicted on, and guilty of a lesser charge of Negligent Homicide.  As a result of the acquittals and jury's verdict, the client, who was originally facing a possible 37 years in state prison, will now be eligible for parole by 2019.  For coverage of this case in the media, click here.

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