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At Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC, we aggressively defend our clients at all stages of a criminal investigation and prosecution.  We have tried hundreds of cases before New Hampshire judges and juries, and have represented thousands of clients in serious and complex criminal cases, including murder, sexual assault allegations, drug possession and salesDWI, thefts, and fraud. 

We provide direct, straight-forward, and practical legal advice.  And we make every criminal defense case a mission to succeed.  For over 20 years, our lawyers have been trying - and winning - cases in New Hampshire courts. Our high acquittal rate is garnered through passion and dedication, expert knowledge of New Hampshire laws, and attention to detail. 

Criminal Cases

NH Lawyers for Students and Juveniles

At Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC we understand that even an arrest that does not result in a conviction can have serious, longterm, and damaging collateral consequences.  This is particularly true for juveniles and other young adults, such as high school and college students.  We work hard to limit collateral damage and minimize the longterm effects of an encounter with the judicial system.    

The criminal defense lawyers at Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC have represent young adults in all forms of cases, including drug possession and DUI, and vigorously protect your child's rights.

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