Annulment & Expungement of Criminal Records in NH

Have you ever been convicted of a crime in New Hampshire?

Would it be important to you, for personal or professional reasons, to have a clean criminal record?

Have you ever wondered if you can have that conviction annulled, or as it is sometimes referred to, expunged, from your record?

If your answers to these questions are yes, we can help you.

Clearing Your Record in New Hampshire

Fortunately, New Hampshire is one of the only states in New England where most convictions (and even most non-criminal violation level convictions) and even the record of your arrest, can be annulled/expunged from your record.

Under New Hampshire law, once a conviction is annulled you are to be treated in almost all respects as if you had never been arrested, convicted, or sentenced for a crime.

If you have a prior conviction(s) and would like that conviction(s) removed from your record, please call us. We can handle all the steps necessary to remove that conviction from your record.

Petition to Annul

The granting of a petition to annul is discretionary. A judge in the court where you were originally convicted can grant or deny a petition to annul, depending on whether the annulment “will assist in the petitioner’s rehabilitation and will be consistent with the public welfare.”

Further, the prosecutor’s office can object to a petition to annul. When this happens, the prosecutor’s office will ask the judge to deny the petition to annul. Therefore, it is essential that your petition to annul, and any actual argument in a courtroom before a judge, effectively persuades a judge to grant your petition to annul.

Filing for Annulment in New Hampshire

It is important that the annulment petition be properly filed because if you fail to properly file the annulment, a judge will likely deny the petition. If that happens, under New Hampshire law you must wait another three (3) years before you can again file for annulment.

Additionally, there are legal requirements that you must meet to be eligible for an annulment. For instance, you must remain conviction free from all criminal offenses for a requisite number of years prior to being eligible for any annulment. This period of time varies from one year to ten years depending on the type of offense for which you were convicted.

Additionally, you need to file a petition to annul for each charge for which you seek the annulment, even if those charges stem from a single incident and were resolved in court on the same day.

Finally, your annulment petition needs to demonstrate to the court that you have successfully completed all of the terms of your sentence. This frequently requires providing documentation to the court you completed whatever the court ordered you to do.

Experienced NH Annulment Lawyers

We are experienced at handling annulments. We will track down and file the documents necessary for your petition to annul. We will contact and speak with any counselors or people necessary to confirm that you complied with the court’s sentencing order. And, we will appear in court on your behalf to tell the judge why you should be granted an annulment.

Finally, we will take all steps necessary to make sure that the New Hampshire State Police, the keeper of criminal records, properly remove the annulled matter from your record.

How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged

If you want a prior conviction and arrest record annulled, or if you have questions about the annulment process, please call us.

We will simplify the process for you and help you leave court with a clean record. The annulment process is typically an inexpensive legal process. It is well worth the peace of mind that a clean arrest and conviction record brings.

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