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NH Criminal Attorneys Richard Samdperil and Joseph Welsh have 50 years of combined experience as NH criminal attorneys. Our experienced criminal attorneys cover Dover, Durham, University of New Hampshire, and surrounding towns. 

We routinely appear in the circuit and superior courts of Strafford County, and regularly represent clients arrested by the UNH Police Department, Durham Police, and Dover Police.

Defending Working Professionals, Students

Our superior court representation includes murder cases, sexual assaults allegations, drug charges, gun charges, burglaries and robberies.  Our circuit court representation includes all alcohol and motor vehicle related offenses, such as DWI, under 21 alcohol and drug charges, drug possession and transportation, criminal mischief, thefts, alcohol possession and unlawful intoxication, and most juvenile matters.

Our typical clients include UNH college students, contractors, professionals.

Our experience with license issues and suspensions, and our understanding of the long-term impact even minor convictions can have on education and employment, have made our lawyers the frequent choice for both in-state and out-of-state clients.

7th Circuit Court - Dover (formerly the Durham and Dover District Courts)

In 2009, the Durham District Court closed.

Cases prosecuted by the UNH Police and the towns of Durham, Lee and Madbury are now heard in the Dover Court, which also handles Rollinsford, Somersworth and Dover Police cases. (For directions, click here).

This court is officially known as the 7th Circuit Court, District Division, Dover.

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